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Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

The U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, in the Caribbean, gets many tourists from the mainland United States. It has beautiful bays and many sea turtles graze in the seagrass. People come with boats and moor them in the bays. But, unfortunately, people are harassing sea turtles at some of these bays. This means they pet, chase and ride turtles. This is against the law because sea turtles are endangered and protected and because being harassed harms them in many ways. This harm includes disrupting their eating, resting, and most importantly, nesting behaviors. These beaches are sea turtle nesting sites and very important to the conservation of these endangered animals. Many people still harass the turtles, possibly because there isn’t enough publicity about the law. The signs that are in existence are only on the beaches, and pretty small. I am petitioning for two things: larger signs on the beaches and signs on buoys near the mooring sites. The reason for signs on buoys is that many people are coming from the boats moored in the bay, and don’t see the signs on the beach. When I have enough signatures on this petition, I intend to submit this to U.S. National Park Service and its director.

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