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The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.


Hi! My name is Steven Liu. I'm currently an engineering student at Stanford University.


When I was twelve, I decided to heat some vegetable oil to make biodiesel. Long story short, my parents came home to boiling hot oil and a melted funnel that was about to catch fire.


That was just one of my previous projects. After my first encounter with biodiesel, I didn't stop. To this day, I've worked with everything from algae biofuels to lightning machines.


I'm passionate about all things related to engineering, renewable energy, and the environment. The vast amount of time I spend outside rowing, fishing, and writing poetry has helped me realize the importance of nature to me and to humanity.

I have a dream that society will become entirely powered by renewable energy. I aspire to leverage my experience toward this mission — entrepreneurship and innovation are my key mottos.

Within Gremintals, you will find information about my experience as well as the featured Gremintals Blog. I hope you learn something interesting as you browse!

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