Professor Bill Philips

I was only 7 when I first met Bill during a physics conference in Santa Barbara that my father had participated in. Although a world-renowned physicist, Bill has a very young heart. He, my brother, and I were playing with a Tippe Top that didn't work so well due to its poor design. It was supposed to turn upside down after it's spun onto the ground.


Several years later, during his most recent visit to Pittsburgh in 2019, he gave my brother and me a new Tippe Top which worked very well! When he heard that I am working on my website, he sent me a very interesting old photo showing Niels Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli playing with such a top. 


In April, 2019, Bill came to Pittsburgh to give a seminar at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. I was so excited and asked him if he can give a presentation at my school. He delivered a terrific presentation. Not only is Bill an amazing scientist, but he also possesses fantastic public speaking skills.